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Data on a Touch Pad


Whether you have a limited company or are a investor, we have the solutions in place to help you keep on top of your income, expenses, investments and more.

Why you should outsource your Bookkeeping to Us:

  1. We are Digital: The use of software allows us to maintain your books digitally, with no access to your banking. Simply connect your bank feed to a software of your choice and we do the rest.

  2. Complete record trail: with relevant attachments of invoices provided with each transaction

  3. Save time so you can add value to your business: You want your business to make a profit, which in return benefits you. Save the time doing tasks such as chasing outstanding invoices and admin to invest your time into what really adds value to your business.

  4. Access expertise at a fraction of the cost: Expertise services can often be expensive or usually involve hiring someone, at TBC we can provide an effective outsourced Bookkeeping service at a fraction of what it would cost otherwise.

  5. Have a stress free year end: As we keep your bookkeeping up to date throughout the year, you wont need to rush during the filing deadline period to ensure you file in time.

  6. A clear picture: We will present your financial data as often as you need, in a manner that suits your preference so that you can understand the financial position of your business.

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